Small Round Ceramic Tiles Wholesale

Tile production is automated in most societies today. round ceramic tiles is one of the most popular examples of tiles ceramic brick tile They have many uses orient ceramic tiles They are widely used in industry.

This production group is ready to send the best of small round ceramic tiles with reasonable price and high quality in bulk to other countries.

Small Round Ceramic Tiles Wholesale

What are Different Shapes of Tiles?

What are Different Shapes of Tiles? There are different types of tiles that are used depending on the use of your space (residential, commercial, store, building facade, etc.). Types of tiles are:

1. Stone tiles

2. Mosaic tiles

3. Ceramic tiles

4. Porcelain tiles

5. Stained glass tiles

6. Glazed tiles

7. Sanitary tiles (toilet and bathroom accessories – such as: toilet, toilet bowl, toilet, bathtub, etc.)

8. Mineral tiles

9. Ceiling acoustic tiles

10. Third baking tiles (Islamic, miniature, etc.)

11. Glass tiles

12. Decorative tiles and colored bricks

13. Digital printing tiles

14. Anti-acid tiles

15. hexagon ceramic tile

5 Important Tips for Choosing the Right Tile for Your Place

5 Important Tips for Choosing the Right Tile for Your Place Tiles are very compatible with nature because they are made of minerals and natural materials (glass, clay, sand, gravel, etc.) and these materials are often combined with other recycled materials. They are recyclable. The next point is that tile factories, unlike other types of flooring or wall coverings, do not need to use heavy chemicals or other harmful substances. For example, to make parquet and laminates, a large number of trees have been cut down and we have to use other chemicals in their production process. Another advantage of natural tile ingredients is that:

1. They give you a sense of nature and naturalness (especially in stone tiles, this feeling is more transmitted)

2. They do not cause allergies or allergies to you or other people who live there

3. They are recyclable. That is, they are easily eaten in special mills and used for new ceramic tile products.

4. Tiles do not need care Given that the tile dough is pressed in the production process and then baked; They are very dense and nothing penetrates them so that even dust in the air, which settles on their surface, is easily visible.

Tiles should be installed very easily and quickly To install all kinds of tiles on the wall or floor, prepare a mortar mixed with sand cement and water in a container (so-called Istanbul) and prepare this material as tile adhesive to stick the tile to the wall or floor.

In recent years, several types of industrial ceramic tile adhesives have been produced that have made the tile installation process even easier, to the extent that they can be used in the process of renovating houses and buildings to glue new tiles to old tiles. Tiles can be installed on all types of surfaces Types of tiles, especially mosaic tiles, with a simple substructure, can be easily installed on all surfaces (cement, gypsum, etc.).

Qualified Round Ceramic Tiles Wholesaler

Qualified Round Ceramic Tiles Wholesaler The tiles do not require special care and their surface can be easily cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, or they can be cleaned with water and a wet towel or tee and shine like the first day. Of course, this impermeability of tiles applies not only to solids and liquids, but also to gases, which means that if you use tiles for 50 consecutive years, the odor particles will not absorb and retain the environment. Also, tiles not only do not absorb any particles from the environment, but their composition is such that they do not produce or repel allergenic gas particles such as paint, odor, etc. Therefore, they are a very suitable product for the homes of people who are sensitive to various chemicals.

There are many wholesalers in Iran and abroad that are officially operating. This production group, with a strong team and considering customer satisfaction, is ready to send the best type of ceramic tiles tile to domestic cities and foreign countries.

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