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One of the most important features that we should consider when buying a garage floor ceramic is the hardness of the ceramic. Ceramic and Tiles hardness is the degree of resistance of ceramic to abrasion and scratches as well as the degree of tolerance of traffic.

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Garage Wall Tiles Wholesalers

5 Important Characteristics of Ceramic Tile

5 Important Characteristics of Ceramic Tile

  • Quality grade of ceramic tiles: The first and most important parameter that we examine is the degree of quality of the ceramic. Ceramics fall into 4 categories in terms of quality. Suitable floor ceramics should be grade 1 or finally grade 2. Because it is of waterproof ceramic tile.
  • degree of PEI wear: The degree of wear indicates the durability of the ceramic as a floor ceramic. This index is only for glossy ceramics and does not exist in matte ceramics And the higher the PEI, the greater the wear resistance of ceramic tiles. But in commercial spaces, their PEI grade should be V.
  • Degree of water absorption of WA ceramic tiles: The degree of water absorption or WA is another important classification to consider. According to this rating, ceramic tiles are divided into 4 categories. 1- Ceramic tiles that absorb 7% of their weight by water, such as non-glass tiles 2 – Ceramic tiles that absorb between 3 to 7% of their weight in water, such as semi-glass tiles 3 – Ceramic tiles that absorb between 0.5 to 7% of their weight in water. 4 – Tiles and ceramics that absorb between 0 to 0.5% of their weight in water, which are impermeable tiles and ceramics.
  • Tile friction coefficient: The amount of ceramic tile lysis or coefficient of friction indicated by COF Which expresses the resistance of ceramic tiles to slipping. The higher this amount, the more slippery the ceramic tile is.
  • Resistance to cold and frost: This index is mostly used for ceramic tiles that are to be worked outdoors Which shows the resistance of ceramics or tiles to cold.
  • Multicolor: Multicolored means ceramic tiles with different colors. It is suitable for people who want the tiles and ceramics that are put together to have a variety of colors. Each of them has a unique color.

Choosing the Best Garage Floor Tiles Guide

Choosing the Best Garage Floor Tiles Guide In general, glazed Tiles and ceramics are more slippery than unglazed ceramics, but you can make glazed ceramics if you intend to use ceramics for the garage floor. Glazed ceramics make the space brighter and therefore larger by reflecting more light.

  • Porcelain tiles: The main porcelain material is fine-grained sand and is composed of quartz, clay and feldspar without impurities. Glazed porcelain tiles, due to their density and composition, are as durable as glazed ceramic tiles. Porcelain is much more impermeable than ceramic than water treatment. As a result, porcelain tiles are more dense and much more durable than. This model of tiles is suitable for use in both light and heavy traffic areas and also for use in many places.
  • Non-porcelain (ceramic) tiles: Non-porcelain ceramic tiles are usually covered with glaze due to their high porosity, which also determines the final color, design and texture of the tile. These tiles are only suitable for low traffic, indoor and non-humid areas, because they have less resistance.

Prime Garage Wall Tiles at Wholesale Price

Prime Garage Wall Tiles at Wholesale Price Our ceramic tile company , It offers different types of this product in different designs and colors and covers the needs of all customers in every taste and budget. ceramic tile on concrete garage wall at inexpensive price, It is provided to customers in all parts of the country in bulk and without intermediaries, it has attracted many buyers.

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