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The distribution of enigma ceramic tiles in absentia has flourished in recent years. Public access to the Internet, on one hand, and the popularity of online sales, on the other, have been among the reasons for this boom. If you also plan to do your shopping online, you can visit our site. This category of products is distributed directly from the manufacturer. For this reason, the announced prices are lower than the free market prices. In this way, in addition to the distributor, real consumers and buyers can save time, also manage payment costs and actually experience a more affordable purchase.

Enigma Ceramic Tile Distributor

10 Main Common Tile Materials

10 Main Common Tile Materials Tile is also a product that is semi-glass due to baking at a certain temperature and has properties of very low water absorption, wear resistance, pressure resistance and mechanical impact resistance.

In the past, the method of making tiles (manual method) was that the flower was placed in a wooden mold and the excess was cut with a wire, then it was taken out of the mold with one blow. After the tile was hard enough, it was placed in another iron mold with a metal derby. Then, with a hammer, several blows were applied to the mold lid to fully compress it and give it a regular geometric shape. After drying, the baking and glazing steps were performed.

The raw material of the tile is dough, which includes the following materials:

  1. Kaolin (kaolin / kaolinite)
  2. Dolomite
  3. Bentonite
  4. talk
  5. And there are different types of glaze, which glass glaze is usually produced with the following materials:
  6. Lead oxide
  7. Silica
  8. Feldspar
  9. Kaolin
  10. And white glaze is obtained from tin oxide. But in making colored glazes, colored minerals are used.

The main raw material for ceramics and tiles is clay, but in floor ceramics, materials that melt sooner are used more. The reason for this is that during cooking, more adhesion is created between the particles and in addition to strength, it absorbs less water.

Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Your Ceramic Tile

Comprehensive Guide to Choosing Your Ceramic Tile Today, marble ceramic tiles are more popular than other types. Therefore, we want to express the following general guide for choosing ceramic stone tile for you dear ones:

  1. Tile structure: The tile is made of clay and its main core is made of clay.
  2. Tile color: Tiles are produced in various colors. In the ceramic tile market, you can find black, white, blue, red, and basically any color you are looking for.
  3. Tile size: The most commonly used tile sizes are 20 x 20 and 10 x 20 cm. The size of 50 x 50 cm is also a large, widely used size that is usually used as a floor covering.
  4. Tile texture: Ceramic tiles are offered in two types, simple and textured.
  5. Tile layout type: In the past, tiles were usually simply placed next to each other and the corners of the tiles were aligned with the corners of the wall. In modern times, various methods such as left and right, diagonal, brick, wicker, gears, spotted and… have been invented for gluing ceramic tiles, which multiply the beauty of the tile and the room.

Premium Enigma Ceramic Tile Distribution Center

Premium Enigma Ceramic Tile Distribution Center Enigma Premium Ceramic Tile Distribution Center offers this product in bulk to customers all over the country. Nowadays, with the expansion of cyberspace and public access to the Internet, distribution and sales in absentia has flourished.

Currently, a large number of types of metallic ceramic tiles are offered for sale online. If you also intend to buy online, you can refer to our site to place an order for the most serious and high-quality ceramic tiles.

The high variety of products offered allows you to make the right choice according to your taste and budget. Also, the price of the products is much more suitable than the open market due to the direct supply, and you can have a more affordable purchase by choosing this method.

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