Limestone tile fireplace design | Buy at a cheap price

Limestone tile fireplace design | Buy at a cheap price

the limestone tile is one of the suggested tiles for the fireplace
We, as a producer, manufacture this tile with a specific design to satisfy our international customers
Limestone floors are a great choice to enhance any room and decor
With its wonderful natural colors and textures, limestone floors will give you a very unique look and elevate the traditional style in a very contemporary home
For this reason, limestone floors have become a huge hit with designers and homeowners
Maintaining your limestone floors is key to keeping your limestone floors not only looking their best, but will ensure that you get a floor that will last and last for years

 Limestone tile fireplace design | Buy at a cheap price

Limestone floors are relatively low maintenance, so they are ideal not only for homes, but also for commercial and public spaces
Maintenance of calcareous floors will begin when the floor is laid
Limestone is a porous stone that, although softer than marble, is surprisingly hard wearing
Due to its porosity, limestone floor maintenance begins with laying, which will be sealed with an impregnating agent type stone sealer and then treated with wax to provide a waterproof surface and protect the stone, it is, therefore, crucial to install limestone flooring by having the use of this very special Made by professionals with experience in stone
Limestone floors are available in a variety of finishes, from a rustic finish to a sleek modern finish, there is limestone that can enhance any room
The maintenance of limestone floors will ensure that scuffs and scratches are avoided
Limestone reacts with chemicals like vinegar or citrus juice with certain acids and liquids, so initially sealing the floor with limestone will help protect the surface from damage, especially when used in kitchens and bathrooms

 Limestone tile fireplace design | Buy at a cheap price

limestone tile producer

a limestone tile producer can give you useful information about this tile based on the application you want to use
Limestone is a hard sedimentary rock (deposited in water by minerals from the earth’s crust) composed of minerals, calcite, and aragonite (different crystalline forms of calcium carbonate)
Generally, limestone is made up of shell fragments from animals that live in the water, as well as other organisms like coral
These fragments settle on the water bed for millions of years, forming hard, compressed rocks
Limestone makes up about 10% of all sedimentary rocks by volume
There are countless limestones around the world, even in the UK, usually in the Peak District and the Cotswolds
The Romans first discovered that you could grind English limestone into what they called Marmoro, which gave rise to the Italian word Marmo, which means marble
English limestone is available in a variety of colors including black, pure white, gray, purple, and green
Unfortunately, as with most English stone, production methods and costs make English limestone tiles prohibitively expensive, which is why most limestone tiles on the market are imported from the middle east
Today, most natural stone tiles, including limestone, are processed and manufactured in the middle east
Geologically, the middle east contains more variations of natural stone than any other country
There are hundreds of different types of marble, travertine, limestone and granite in the hills of the country, and different ones are being discovered all the time
While there are many natural stone fairs in the world, the exhibitors of the two main Turkish fairs in Izmir and Istanbul will always present new stones discovered during the year
It always surprises us how many are discovered each year – almost by accident, as landowners, farmers and even shepherds find them digging out of the ground!

 Limestone tile fireplace design | Buy at a cheap price

limestone tile fireplace

limestone tile is used for different purposes such as the fireplace, floor and other outdoor places
Unlike marble – which often has veins and faults called “vents” that make it very brittle – limestone is more stable and generally unaffected by the brittleness these faults create
It mostly depends on how it was formed in the first place
In any case, it is by and large softer and less durable than marble
In general, the lighter the limestone, the softer it is and its potential uses are limited
Our Mediterranean white limestone has been known by different names over the years; after the regions of the middle east where it was mined, it is often referred to as white Antalya limestone, Sinema (meaning sesame, depending on the pattern on the surface of the tile) or Limra limestone
This attractive chalky white limestone is ideal for modern bathrooms, but is not recommended for areas that will be exposed to a lot of foot traffic – it tends to look worn and dirty in a short time
Sure, it can be brought back to life with a floor restorer, but not everyone wants the hassle and expense every year or so! At the other end of the spectrum is Jura limestone
Jura limestone is extracted from the ground (not from the side of a mountain) and is produced in southern Germany
In the quarries of the Jura there are many different layers of sediment, each of a different color, so the gray Jura limestone and the beige Jura limestone can often be extracted from the same place
It is known to be one of the hardest stones and as such has recently become the first choice of many architects who have specified it for commercial use
One side of Manchester Selfridges is Jura Beige, and the floors of Liverpool John Lennon Airport are a mix of Jura Limestone – beige and gray in the same tile

 Limestone tile fireplace design | Buy at a cheap price

lime stone design

as limestone tile is a type of stone, it is offered with natural design and shape
If you buy limestone tiles, you can choose sets of uniform or different sizes, allowing you to create different patterns in your home
Even with uniform sections, you can line up rectangle formats to create a subway tile look
Of course, you can always cut limestone tiles to create patterns of your own design
Just make sure you have the proper tools to do it and know how to use them safely
As you can see, limestone gives you a variety of styles and placement options that can really put a personal stamp on your home design
Limestone is a sedimentary rock that often has a fossil pattern that gives it its unique appearance
Generally speaking, most limestones are pale, but darker shades exist, depending on their composition – the presence of clay, sand and other organic matter in the limestone can affect the neutral color of the stone
No matter what shade you choose, limestone complements almost any other color perfectly, so you don’t have to worry about your style choices clashing with other finishes in your home
Here are some of the most common limestone colors: light brown Beige or tan limestone is warmer than pure white options
These shades are easy to pair with almost any decor
Ivory Another off-white shade, ivory has a creamy look that is sure to brighten up your room
White Do you like your space to feel clean and fresh? Then white limestone is the tile for you
It instantly adds light to the room and brings a new and refreshing feel to these spaces
Grey For a bolder statement, check out Gray Limestone
It will fit into any modern space, be it your kitchen, foyer, fireplace or bathroom

 Limestone tile fireplace design | Buy at a cheap price

fireplace design

tiles could be a game-changer in fireplace design
With a variety of styles, prices and applications available, the tile you choose for your fireplace surround can make or break the intended look
As this style wall from our ceramic tiles, there’s a choice, color, and material to suit any homeowner’s taste
Chimneys and chimney extensions are floor surfaces inside and directly outside the chimney
Fire pits and fireplace extensions should be made of heat-resistant materials, such as ceramic or stone, to prevent sparks falling outside the fire pit from igniting
The thickness of the hearth and its extension are also important in the prevention of house fires
The fireplace extension should be at least 2 inches thick and extend 8 to 12 inches on each side of the fireplace depending on the size of the fireplace
Choosing the perfect tile for your fireplace means finding safe and elegant materials
Luckily, there are plenty of tile options to decorate your fireplace and make it stand out in your home
Natural stones are suggested to use
Marble floors and countertops add a touch of sophistication to any room, and there’s good news: marble can be used for your fireplace hearth
Marble is a natural stone with high heat resistance
Marble is available in light and dark tones with a variety of fine to coarse texture patterns
One of the disadvantages of marble is that it gets dirty easily, so it is important to wash it regularly with warm water and soap
After cleaning, be sure to dry the surface with a soft cloth to avoid water spots

 Limestone tile fireplace design | Buy at a cheap price

tile design

regarding the place for tile, the design and pattern of tile can be different
Before embarking on a kitchen or bathroom renovation, have you thought about the layout of your tiles? Using angles and patterns is a great way to add interest and a new dimension to your designs


This style of tile is becoming increasingly popular and is available in half tile and brick style kits
Although this layout is quite difficult to install, it provides simple and beautiful visual interest, to make the space appear larger, try floor-to-ceiling tiles to help draw the eye along the length of the room

Running Bond

This is another great way to add the illusion of space and height
Really, it’s just a brick link, but on one side, so installation is pretty straightforward
Try combining a set of half tiles glued between large tiles


If you’re using terrain tiles on your walls but want to add a bit of interest, try laying them out in a staggered pattern
Brick floor tiles are simple; tiles are offset by half the width of the tile and can be paired with moldings and baseboards for added detail

Basket weave

This classic pattern is made up of rectangles and squares to create the effect of a woven basket
Creating this look is easier than you think, and it can also be achieved with a prepared mosaic,

Straight herringbone

This herringbone pattern has a more contemporary vibe and the tiles are laid at a 90 degree angle instead of a 45 degree angle, creating a cleaner edge
Designers use herringbone patterns to enhance the size of small rooms, but laying the tiles in this way also adds visual impact, even if it’s just a small backsplash


Octagon Dot is another classic layout commonly found on floors that use Victorian tiles
This pattern is versatile enough for kitchens, hallways and paths
Go for a simple monochromatic style or mix up the colors by adding a tile drop to another hue

 Limestone tile fireplace design | Buy at a cheap price

tile producer

a tile producer must offer different types of ceramics and tiles
Tile is one of the most valued materials in the hands of architects
Thanks to them, it is possible to create practical and beautiful spaces
Like any material, tiling has its potential and its specificities
They have specific properties and the resulting possible applications, depending on the manufacturing technology and the ideas of the creators of the design
They also have specific requirements related to their treatment and installation
The design of public buildings requires an understanding of how a particular place is used and the conditions prevailing there
A complete design of the building should contain all the necessary data on the types of materials used
Depending on the destination of a given space – the main characteristics to be used in the ceramic coating must be taken into account – and depending on these characteristics, you must evaluate and select a specific solution
If there are several features, it is worth layering them and choosing individual tile settings based on this layer
For example, when designing a spa area in a five-star hotel, slip resistance parameters, chemical resistance, aesthetic value and stylistic consistency with the rest of the hotel space are equally important

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